Garden sauna HOUSE

Saunas are known for more than 2000 years, in the areas of Scandinavia through the Baltic countries, Russia, China to Japan is a traditional way to maintain the health and well-being of their users especially during the winter cold weather. Appropriate use increases the body's resistance, hardened and relaxes; allows for a pleasant, relaxing spending time with family and friends. Use of the sauna very good for the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, metabolism, obesity, arthritis and rheumatism.

Garden sauna HOUSE: 

 SD-16  w 200 cm, l 160 cm, persons 4 ÷ 5, 650 kg
 SD-20  w 200 cm, l 200 cm, persons 5 ÷ 7, 700 kg
 SD-25  w 200 cm, l 250 cm, persons 4 ÷ 5, vestibule, 800 kg
 SD-30  w 200 cm, l 300 cm, persons 5 ÷ 7, vestibule, 950 kg

Saunas cottages: the standard height of 220 cm. Equipment: stove, benches, glass doors, natural wood impregnated, gutter, base self-supporting steel, wood floor, tin roof

Optional: platforms, cowl, hytherograph impregnation (see accessories)


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